Businesswomen’s Sustainability Leadership Awards

Linda Fisher

In the year 2009, WNSF awarded Linda Fisher the Businesswomen’s Sustainability Leadership Award. Linda has played a major role in helping DuPont achieve sustainable growth. Before joining DuPont in 2004, Ms. Fisher served in leadership positions in industry and government. As a former Deputy Administrator at the EPA, Ms. Fisher has been able to help DuPont build relationships and credibility with NGOs and government offices.

By 2006, Ms. Fisher had helped DuPont develop watershed sustainability goals that help its customers improve their sustainability performance. Putting customer needs first has helped DuPont integrate sustainability into its core business practices.

Joyce Lavalle

In 2008, WNSF awarded Joyce Lavalle the Women’s the Businesswomen’s Sustainability Leadership Award for her contributions to sustainable design at Interface Americas and her support of women in sustainability.

Eileen Fisher

WNSF honored Eileen Fisher, entrepreneur and advocate of women, with the first Businesswomen’s Sustainability Leadership Award. In building her renowned business, Ms. Fisher has continued to aim for the highest standards of social responsibility, including:

  • Advocating high labor standards for the women who work in the Chinese factories where the clothes of Eileen Fisher, Inc. are manufactured;
  • Philanthropic programs for disadvantaged women and women entrepreneurs and;
  • Developing new commitments to social and environmental responsibility throughout the company’s operations.

In honoring Eileen Fisher with the award (donated by Rivanna Natural Designs, Inc.), WNSF recognized her exceptional contribution as a pioneering businesswoman and as a role model for businesswomen everywhere. Her courage and success in identifying what matters to women, her tireless advocacy of women in the many aspects of their lives, and her championship in her own company of business social responsibility in its many forms, all reflect what WNSF promotes as an organization and through the award.


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