Feedback & Testimonials

Below are some of the comments and feedback we’ve received about our February 2013 Summit.

  • “the information provided by the speakers and panelists [was] … truly enlightening, and provided me with a wealth of information on sustainability efforts and initiatives ….” Lori S.
  • “Congratulations …for .. this great event. It was insightful and inspiring. I also really enjoyed meeting like-minded women, striving to have an impact on this world!” Audrey P.
  • “a great and informative meeting…Promoting women’s participation in decision-making and changing our patterns of consumption and production really resonate with me.”
  • “very lively and informative discussions — industry, small business, corporation and governmental updates, methods that work and those that need development were shared. A collective momentum was strengthened towards the consumer movement of responsible shopping and a sustainable future!” Irene N.
  • “fantastic group of women at WNSF…wonderful people!! Jesse P.
  • “so many interesting and inspiring women” Kira P.
  • “The speakers and panelists were terrific.” Stephen F.
  • “Most stimulating content and enjoyable” Arthur W.