About WNSF

The Women’s Network for a Sustainable Future (WNSF), a 501(c)(3) organization, develops programs that ensure a lasting contribution from women in business to sustainable human development. For over a decade, WNSF has been serving tens of thousands of women, capturing imaginations and bringing people together to build more effective workplaces.

WNSF’s mission is to create a financially, environmentally and socially sustainable  future driven by the leadership of women in business.

WNSF understands that outmoded, competitive-based thinking, exercised in a hierarchical command and control manner, restrains WNSF’s agenda of allowing women to make a sustainable business contribution to the economy.

WNSF also understands that meaningful collaboration creates opportunities for innovation. This vision far surpasses anything that we as individuals could achieve alone. WNSF aims to develop common leadership, characterized by pragmatism, determination, and lasting relationships.

Women in business today are challenged by:

  • Pay and performance expectations;
  • Social challenges in the workplace; and
  • Environmental and social legacies that they will be leaving for the next generation.

Our work is to address these challenges through the actions of businesswomen across the world.

Now is the most exciting time to be doing this work.

We are delighted that you are with us today for the WNSF Summit 2013 and hope you join in our endeavours.

In addition to the website www.wnsf.net, you can find WNSF on

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