Below you will find a selection of recent CSR/ Sustainability books by women authors.

  • The Blue Sweater
    Jacqueline Novogratz’s memoir tells the inspiring story of a woman who left a career in international banking to spend her life on a quest to understand global poverty and find powerful new ways of tackling it. Ms. Novogratz was also the Keynote speaker at WNSF’s first annual Businesswomen’s Sustainability Summit in 2004.
  • Women and Politics Around the World: A Comparative History and Survey
    By Joyce Gelb; a two-volume examination of the progress women have made in achieving political equality. Volume 1 deals with crosscutting issues such as reproductive rights, political development and microcredit. Volume 2  is comprised of 22 chapters on women and politics in different nations, ranging from Africa and Latin America  to the entire world.
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  • Get Ahead By Going Abroad: A Woman’s Guide to Fast-Track Career Success
    by C. Perry Yeatman and Stacie Nevadomski Berdan (HarperCollins 2007) explores the personal and professional benefits of living and working abroad for women. Working in foreign countries, especially in developing markets, enables professionals to better understand the impact of globalization and the critical importance of creating a sustainable future.
  • Women in Green: Voices of Sustainable Design
    by Kira Gould and Lance Hosey, asks whether there is a ‘greener gender’ and explores the role women play as advocates for a healthier planet, chronicling women in the sustainable design movement.
  • “Forging Environmentalism: Justice, Livelihood and Contested Environments”.
    Editor, Joanne Bauer
    The Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs
  • The Great Warming (film)
  • Untapped: Creating Value in Underserved Markets
    by John Weiser, Michele Kahane, Steve Rochlin, and Jessica Landis

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