Helle Bank Jorgensen – Full Bio

Helle Bank Jorgensen -photoHelle Bank Jorgensen, CEO, B. Accountability and United Nations Special Advisor to Global Compact in Canada

Helle Bank Jorgensen, CEO of B. Accountability, a consultancy that works for leading companies and organizations within sustainability & climate change.

Helle is a sought-after international strategic advisor and change-maker in the Sustainability and Climate Change sector, with more than 20 years of experience, hereof 11 years as a PwC-partner based in Denmark and later in New York. She is a Partner for World Climate Ltd. who hosts World Climate Summit, and a United Nations Special Advisor to Global Compact in Canada.

Her unique expertise grew organically from a financial accounting background when she seized the opportunity to combine her business expertise with her passion for Sustainability. In doing so, Helle led the creation of the world’s first Green Account and later the worlds first Integrated Report. She is now working on Natural Capital Accounting.

Since then, Helle has worked with major organizations advising them on Sustainability and Climate Change, including a CEO/Investor-network for Business Ethics and Non Financial Reporting.

Originally a business lawyer, Helle graduated with a Master’s of Science degree in business administration and auditing in 1994, and, in 1997, became a state Authorized Public Accountant (CPA/CA).

She has has led many international assignments within strategy, supply chain responsibility, reporting, stakeholder engagement and assurance. She has authored many publications and articles and been interviewed by media, newspapers and television, and has served on many boards and expert groups in Europe and North America such as: the European Sustainability Reporting Association, CSR Europe, European Policy Centre, FEE (European Accountants), the Council for International Development Cooperation (advisory council to DANIDA — the Danish International Development Agency), the Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research, American Institute for Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and is an Act NOW Ambassador.


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