Reflection on VERGE Conference

Helle Bank Jorgensen -photoby Helle Bank Jorgensen, WNSF Board Member

I had the pleasure of attending the VERGE Conference in WDC in March – and I must say it was one of the better conferences. I went away with a lot of new knowledge, as well as some good stories, suggestions for the NEW MEGA TRENDS and I met a lot of great innovative people. I also started my Twitter career :-). All in all It was worth the 2 days!

One of the things I’ve learned using Twitter is to keep my comments short and sweet, and as we are all busy people I’ll try to give you all my takeaways in short and sweet bullets. If you want to know more, Greenbiz has made a fantastic site with videos and articles from the conference.

It is really hard to choose between all the fantastic speakers which included Amory Lovins from the Rocky Moutain Institute, Jon Wellinghoff from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Dan Probst from Jones Lang LaSalle, Gavin Starks from AMEE and Steve Case the Chairman and CEO from Revolution LLC to name a few – but I decided only to give you 3 bullets on speakers and then 6 main take aways. So here are the 3 speakers I found utmost inspiring:

  1. I was very impressed by Lisa Gansky, the author of The Mesh. Lisa started with a story on the biggest trend she saw – Sharing! … Have a look at and you will get an idea about the pulse of the sharing economy.
  2. I really enjoyed Tim O’Reilly who talked about the world as a global brain – but also as a child, where it is up to us the grown ups to teach the Global Brain. It is a fascinating but also scary perspective if we, the parents/teachers, don’t do our job right.
  3. Robin Chase, the Founder of Buzzcar, took the “getting the audience attention prize” when she not only talked about car sharing, but also bed-sharing as the newest trend – check her and bed sharing out HERE.

And my 6 main takeaways:

  1. Sharing & collaboration is in – that goes from social media to sharing cars, offices and bedsharing – what’s next depends on…
  2. …who sees a need and decides to solve it SMART by using APPS to get people to work together.
  3. We have BIG DATA – but we need to transform it to TRANSPARENT NANO DATA so people can TRUST the data and use it
  4. Biggest barriers for success are lack of ability to measure and understand the data – and even more to know the right things to measure.
  5. We have SMART technology – but we need the technology to work together with people!
  6. Young people would rather loose their wallet than their mobile phone – let’s use the power of instant intelligent data that the smart phones can bring and give.

The conference was put together by GreenBiz and Joel Makover and his team did a fantastic job.

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